Installing forge

STEP 1: Download the forge Installer for the version of forge you would like. 

All installers can be found here:

STEP 2: Create a folder called "Server" on your desktop.

STEP 3: Run the installer you downloaded and select "Install Server". Press the 3 dots at the bottom of the installer and find the folder you created on your desktop. Then, select open.

STEP 4: Press "Ok" and let the installer run. This will then gather all the necessary files for your server and place them in the folder you just created.

STEP 5: Using SFTP, upload all the files that were just created on to your server.

You can learn how to use SFTP here:

STEP 6: Rename the forge jar file to server.jar or follow our tutorial on how to install custom jars.

Installing Jars can be found here:

STEP 7: Restart your server.

All done! Enjoy your fresh new modded server.

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